The Silhouette book features SnapView™ fabric decks that stay open and display the fabric at the window, hands free!The fabric decks are arranged by fabric collections and also sample Originale and Bon Soir colors together. The photobook features new photography, fabrics and enhancements and an updated Hardware Mounting Guide is also included to display all the available Silhouette headrail profiles.
  2013 Duette Sample Book   DUETTE® HONEYCOMB SHADES
The  Duette Honeycomb Shades sample book features Architella® fabrics including the new Architella Trielle™ Elan® fabrics. Architella Trielle is the most energy-efficient Hunter Douglas window covering with six layers of insulating fabrics in a new 1 ½” pleat size. The new sample book also features a new swatch design with semi-opaque and opaque sampling in one swatch with new magnet closures.With a new removable Vertiglide™ hardware color card and a common headrail mounting guide the new sample book makes selling Duette Honeycomb shades easier than ever.  
  Pirouette window shadings   PIROUETTE® WINDOW SHADINGS
The Pirouette® Window Shadings book comes with dramatic photography, large fabric swatches and a working sample in both vane sizes to showcase the functionality of Pirouette window shadings.The large fabric swatches will help your customers choose from 256 fabric, color, vane size and opacity options. A full color photo book illustrates both the versatility and style of Pirouette window shadings.A Quick Response (QR) code handle tag will bring you to videos featuring Pirouette window shadings right to your mobile device.
The Vignette® Modern Roman Shades sample book has been designed for a simplified product presentation - shades either roll, stack or glide. With beautiful product photography and updated fabric and colors the sample book will help with a professional "at the window" presentation
The Luminette® Privacy Sheers sample book is designed in an easy to use format with the photo book on the left and the fabric swatches on the right. Lightweight decks display full fabric color in both the open and closed position. A working sample is also included in the sample book to show the light control and view-through functions.
  Nantucket book 2013   NANTUCKET™ WINDOW SHADINGS
Nantucket Window Shadings is expanding its fabric offering and lifting systems in the new sample book.The new book features the new East Bay™ fabric and has refreshed the current fabric collections with an updated color palette. Clear fabric decks with an innovative SnapView™ feature allow fabric vanes to remain open when displayed at the window.
Encourage sales with the new bright and beautiful Applause book.Including new fabrics and vibrant colors, new room photography.The deck design includes semi-opaque combined with blackout sampling to provide an easy opacity comparison and also feature the swatch covers with magnet closure to hold the fabrics deck in a professional presentation.
The sample book has 82 fabrics styles and 280 SKUs and 99% of the fabrics are available in both Roller and Skyline product styles. With six removable decks organized by opacity from Sheer to Opaque, removable photobook and a redesigned hardware guide the new sample book is easier to use than other.
Designer Screen Shades and Skyline Panels come together in one complete new sample device and will stand along side the current Designer Roller Shade & Skyline Sample book. It will offer an expanded screen fabric collection from a 0% to 14% openness factor. The sample book is organized by fabrics based on their openness factor to easily and quickly find the fabric you need.An openness guide has also been included that features fabric samples in each openness range along with photography to illustrate the view at the window.
  Solera Sample Book   SOLERA™ SOFT SHADES
The Solera sample book features fabric collections in woven and non-woven fabrics in fashion-forward colors, textures and patterns and are available in light-filtering and room-darkening. The book creates a simple step-by-step ordering process with room and detail photography, fabric swatches, hardware color samples and a headrail mounting guide.
  Pleated Shades   PLEATED SHADES
The Pleated Shade sample book features larger, six inch wide swatches to show fabrics with prints and patterns and three inch swatches show off bold new solids. New product photography showcases design styles and new fabrics. With 18 new fabric collections and 78 SKUs the new and refreshed Pleated Shade Collection is full of bold colors, beautiful textures and stunning prints and patterns for every customer.
  Parkland book   PARKLAND™ WOOD BLINDS
Parkland Wood Blinds is a program that combines the best-selling colors, upgrades and finishes to complement any room. The sample book features large, removable slat decks and a decorative tape deck. With 3 slat sizes, new decorative tapes and coordinating new Bridgeview™ wood cornice program the Parkland collection eliminates the need to choose between two wood blind programs by providing one single all inclusive program.
The Everwood® Collection Alternative Wood Blinds sample book features new photography and three finish collections; TruGrain®, Distinctions™ and Renditions™ that are guaranteed not to fade, yellow, warp or bow.The book also has a removable decorative tape deck that features 60 decorative tape choices.
The Custom Vertical Blinds sample books combines three vertical products into one new sample book.The books is organized by collection and begins with our proprietary Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds, then our traditional Somner® Custom Verticals Blinds and finishing up with our Crosswinds® Wood Vertical Blinds. The samples book features new fabrics, vinyls and now has ten fabrics in the Somner Vertical Blinds that coordinate with our Designer Roller Shade and Pleated Shade fabrics. A new Vertical Solutions® sample book is also available and features competitively priced new fabrics, vinyl and S-curve vinyl.
The samples book combines Modern Precious Metals and Natural Elements™ into one easy to use sample book.A removable wood and decorative tape card has been included as well as updated photography. With large slat samples and valance swatches and a newly designed selection guide makes the ordering process simple. An individual Celebrity® deck is available.
Palm Beach polysatin shutters are the durable choice for areas prone to harsh conditions, such as moisture, humidity or heavy use. The new DuraLux™ finish makes Palm Beach polysatin shutters look virtually indistinguishable from painted shutters.The new sample kit includes an over-sized stunning new photo book, frame choices, removable color chips and louver sizes in the new DuraLux finish, French door cut-out measuring tool and a sample panel. .
The sample book features five new beautifully textured fabrics and has added colors to Origins and Folio fabric collections. The redesigned photo book is organized by product type for easy navigation.Easy-to-use fabric decks have additional information on each deck including maximum and minimum specifications and privacy ratings.
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