Make your store work for you!

Customers buy what they can see!
Designing a retail environment in which customers can visualize how Hunter Douglas products will transform their home is critical to stimulating sales and creating a successful business. Premium products require a first-rate presentation in prominent displays. Hunter Douglas offers several high impact display options that will not only create a welcoming store environment, but will also explain the Hunter Douglas "story" quickly and easily to the customer.

The Retail Modular Display System is available to all Hunter Douglas dealers. The Alliance Display System is exclusive to Showcase Priority Dealers. Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealers can select a Traditional or Contemporary Gallery Display System. The Alustra® Collection Display is for Gallery and Showcase (storefront) Dealers only.

Hunter Douglas also offers a special line of merchandising tools for At-Home dealers, as well as a whole host of collateral support for all dealers, from brochures to signage to advertising materials. Ask your Hunter Douglas Fabrication Sales & Marketing Team for details. 

This contemporary style Gallery display system has been designed to provide an alternate choice to the same exclusive qualified dealers. Both Gallery display styles offer 30" and 48" wide product modules, curved freestanding units and a 6' center module that can effectively showcase any product, but especially those that are vertically oriented. 500 square feet is required and the system is professionally measured and installed.
The Gallery Display Environment is our premium display system. It's an elaborate and sophisticated system that provides consumers with the most satisfying shopping experience possible. A minimum of 425 square feet is required to create the proper environment for showcasing the entire Hunter Douglas product line. Each qualified showroom is carefully measured, custom layouts are developed and display environments are installed professionally.   The Traditional Gallery is stylish, upscale and uses a neutral color palette to coordinate with any showroom.
This exclusive display system, available to Showcase  Dealers, has five basic display modules and is as flexible as the Retail Modular Display system; however, each module is fully backlit.
Developed specifically to showcase the Alustra Collection, this 4-panel display helps communicate the product’s superior quality and unique details.The display can be set up as a wall, corner or island configuration. The graphic module has been upgraded to include an interactive monitor that plays pre-programmed Alustra content.Consumers can browse through the Alustra Collection and learn about the different products at the push of a button.Additional product panels may be added at any time.The Alustra display is available to Gallery and Showcase Priority Dealers.
Rich, dark maple finish displays have built in headers to showcase the Hunter Douglas branding, large product identification cards and can be configured into endless floor plans to suit your store. Units are 84" high, and are available in 30" and 30" freestanding back-to-back, 48", and bookcase and corner module options. View Options.
In addition to showcasing as many product styles and options as possible, certain products must be shown in wide expanses in order to be accurately understood. All products look best in large applications, but it is the vertically-oriented products - Luminette®, Skyline™, Duette® Vertiglide™ - that must be shown in as wide a window opening as possible. Hunter Douglas offers a 6' wide, two-sided, freestanding display which showcases these products in their best light. The display has been designed to coordinate with any and all Hunter Douglas display systems. The product area is 72" wide x 76¾" high.
These attractive, space saving display systems showcase the Custom Shutter Collection and coordinate with all Hunter Douglas display systems.There is a 3-sided standard display to feature standard panels and a 3-sided specialty display to showcase the specialty options available for all three brands.Either display can be set up as a freestanding unit (add a spinner base, if desired) or mounted onto a wall if floor space in not available.
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Visit and the My Hunter Douglas website for more information about available Hunter Douglas displays and merchandising tools.