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Hunter Douglas Fabrication fabricates the entire family of Hunter Douglas window coverings. These pages summarize our product categories - Sheers, ShadesHoneycombsHorizontal Blinds, Vertical BlindsShuttersThe Alustra® Collection, and Motorization. Find Product Order Forms, Installation Instructions and Product Component Guides at

Your Window To A World Of Change
When it comes to product innovation, Hunter Douglas is at the forefront, from simple product enhancements, to the creation of brand new product categories. Responsibility for our environment, energy efficiency and child safety are among today's main drivers of change. You can rely on Hunter Douglas Fabrication to keep you informed of important product, technical and pricing changes that affect how you do business.

What's New
Each year in Winter, Spring and Fall, Hunter Douglas provides its dealers with yet more selling opportunities. Below is a summary of current seasonal highlights. Please see our Marketing pages for details of current Promotions and latest Hunter Douglas Sampling.

New! September 2014
Provenance Woven Woods Shades are known for their captivating, natural beauty and light transforming qualities and now, with a new sample book, fabrics and enhancements these shades offer something for every customer.The new book includes 36 fabric styles and 103 color SKUs with more opaque and opening price point fabrics added as well as some wider width fabrics available up to 118” wide.A new Modern Headrail with improved light-gap and operating system capabilities has also been introduced. Mono Color Liners that feature color on both the street-side and room side are also available and can serve as attached liners and on the new Modern Headrail, independent Operable Liner are now available.

NEW! September 2014
We are happy to announce that the Alustra Collection now includes Pirouette Window Shadings.Pirouette shadings offer a beautiful way to filter light and the new Alustra Pirouette product line enhances these distinctive qualities to create an exceptional window covering. Charmeuse, the new Alustra Pirouette fabric, will be offered in 8 colors in both semi-opaque and room-darkening opacities with EasyRise, UltraGlide and PowerRise 2.1 with Platinum Technology.

NEW! September 2014
The most energy-efficient Hunter Douglas window coverings are expanding their color line.Duette Architella Trielle is introducing twelve new semi-opaque colors and six new opaque colors into the current Elan collection.With its patented triple-honeycomb design, it offers six layers of fabric and five insulating air pockets, providing unrivaled energy efficiency in a window covering.

New! April 2014
This Spring, Silhouette Window Shadings is introducing not only a new sample book but new fabrics, operating system and a new shading option.Silhouette now offers UltraGlide® 2 Click and Walk™ away, this new systems lowers and opens the shading with just one click. The new A Deux™ design option combines a Silhouette shading with a room-darkening roller shade in a single headrail to provide all the benefits of light-filtering fabrics with room darkening capabilities.With the new sample book two new core line fabrics are being introduced; Mystere™ and Monaco™.Both have a textured vane with a colored face sheer. Combining Iconic style and design, Silhouette Window Shadings new offerings, expanded colors and child safety lifting system are a perfect fit for any window.

New! April 2014
Applause Honeycomb shades combine fashion and function.Now available with UltraGlide® and SkyLift™ operating systems, Applause offers a full line of operating systems that have enhanced pet and child safety. The new samples book includes new fabrics and vibrant colors, new room photography and a whole new attitude to engage your younger consumers. There are now six fashionable fabrics styles that include the fabrics Venue™ and LifeScape™ and new colors have been added to our already popular collection in Sunterra™ and Vintage™.Applause honeycomb will transform your house into a home.  

New! April 2014
We are happy to announce the introduction of our new Designer Roller / Skyline® sample book.The new book features a total of 82 fabric styles; 280 SKUs with 99% of the fabrics available in both Roller and Skyline products. The new Blockout System features improved side and still channels and is available in all nine hardware colors.It is also available in all three top treatments – Cassette, Fascia and Pocket – on both standard Clutch and PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum™ Technology operating systems.The new sample book features 6 decks organized by opacity, colored tabs to identify price point and larger removable style decks. Look for Designer Roller Shades will LiteRise® coming this summer. With playful colors, rich textures, bold patterns these shades make a definite style statement.  

New! April 2014
The new sample book combines Modern Precious Metals and Natural Elements™ into one easy to use sample book with large slat and valance swatches.There are two new finishes; Icon™, a cracked finish with an elegant defined luster and Marble, with neutral colors with a distinctive pattern that reflects the natural beauty of real marble.

New! April 2014
Woven Textures has launched five new beautifully textured fabrics and have added colors to the best-selling Origins and Folio fabrics.A new Dual Roller bracket option has been added to all Woven Textures Shades on the front with a light-filtering or room-darkening roller liner shade on the back.

New! April 2014
This spring Vignette has expanded their product line by introducing Vignette Traditional™ with LiteRise® and Vignette Tiered™ with Evescape™ room darkening fabric.Tiered PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum™ Technology for Two-On-One headrails has also been added allowing two fabric panels to share one headrail and operate independently.

Hunter Douglas is proud to announce the official launch of Hunter Green™ - a new and very important corporate "green" initiative designed to promote the superior energy-saving benefits Hunter Douglas products offer, create awareness and action around conserving energy across our organization and support social programs that have a positive impact across the globe.